Blowing In the Wind

1. GHow many Croads must a Gman walk down
before you Ccall him a Dman
yes 'n' Ghow many Cseas must the Gwhite dove Emisail
beGfore she Csleeps in the Dsand
yes 'n' Ghow many Ctimes must the Gcannonballs fly
before they are Cforever Dbanned?
Ref. The Canswer my Dfriend is Gblowing in the Emiwind
the Canswer is Dblowing in the Gwind.
2. GHow many Cyears can a Gmountain exist
before it's Cwashed to the Dsea
yes 'n' Ghow many Cyears can some Gpeople eEmixist
beGfore they're alClowed to be Dfree
yes 'n' Ghow many Ctimes can a Gman turn his head
and pretend that he Cjust doesn't Dsee?             Ref:
3. GHow many Ctimes must a Gman look up
before he can Csee the Dsky
yes  'n' Ghow many Cears must Gone man Emihave
beGfore he can Chear people Dcry
yes 'n' Ghow many Cdeaths will it Gtake till he knows
that too many Cpeople have Ddied?                   Ref: